Erin Costelo is a throwback; a songwriter that brings to mind the 
‘golden age’ of music. Her fifth full-length album, SWEET MARIE, out 
November 2, 2018 on Compass Records, is 10-song collection recorded in 
10 days in a timber-frame home on the ocean in Little Harbour, Nova 
Scotia. The album was brought to life in January amidst Canadian 
winter storms and pounding surf of the east coast. Produced by Costelo 
herself, SWEET MARIE finds the native Nova Scotian looking at a world 
and an industry that pushed her to the edge of ending her musical 
career – and finds her pushing back. Pulsing with a confident and 
cathartic energy, her incredible voice, drawing comparisons to such 
icons as Nina Simone and Carole King, soars even as her songs dive 
deep. Although she wears many influences on her sleeve, Costelo is 
unquestionably herself, a singular artist of maturity and importance; 
a maverick, unfettered by trend, fashion or industry ‘pathway.’ 

She demonstrates this in the new ‘SWEET MARIE’ documentary, directed 
by Juno-award winning songwriter-turned-filmmaker Amelia Curran. The 
studio documentary is a long standing tradition. It allows the 
audience to study the engine of the music they love – pry open the 
casing, and view the bones. What is particularly enticing, and what 
makes Erin Costelo a great subject for the studio documentary, are her 
skills as a producer. This isn’t simply tapping a microphone and 
slogging through fifty takes; every note from under each performer is 
a considered move. How it floats through the studio environment and is 
engineered and conditioned out the other side to its audience is a 
rodeo of painstaking precision and delight. 

Costelo has assembled an ace group of Canadian players for the album, 
including Glenn Milchem on drums (Blue Rodeo), Anna Ruddick on bass 
(Randy Bachman), Leith Fleming-Smith on organ (Matt Mays, Hawksley 
Workman) and her long-time partner, Clive MacNutt, on guitar. Taking 
inspiration from sources as varied as Dylan and Randy Newman, 
Costelo delivers a genre-defying batch of songs that sound at once 
timeless, timely and completely fresh.