Myles Goodwyn, Just Between You and Me LIVE:
Myles is joined live by Jim Henman and Bruce Dixon. Jim and Myles have been friends since 1963. They started legendary rock band, April Wine, along with Jim’s cousins, David and Ritchie Henman, in 1969.
Bruce was with the Oakley Band in the 70’s and with then with Rita MacNeil for 22 years. He was also with Roch Voisine for 10 years. Myles, Jim and Bruce’s voices blend beautifully in song, and their collective musicianship, is impressive. Their show is a musical journey is filled with stories, antidotes, lots of laughs and perhaps, even a few tears. 
In Myles‘ memoir, Just Between You and Me, he shares the story of his upbringing, first at home in rural Nova Scotia and then in the music business as the lead singer of one of Canada’s most popular bands ever, Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductees, April Wine. Along with numerous other Awards, Myles has also won the prestigious, Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award. His self-penned memoir, Just Between You and Me,  made the 2018 Toronto Globe and Mail bestseller list. 

Myles‘ unique voice gives April Wine a distinct and immediately recognizable sound. And as far as rock history goes, Myles Goodwyn is already a living legend, being known as one of the all-time greats.
Partial list of songs performed during the Just Between You and Me Live, performances; Fast Train, You Won’t Dance With Me, You Could Have Been A Lady, On Fire For You Baby, Bad Side Of The Moon, Enough Is Enough, Say Hello, Wouldn’t Want To Lose Your Love, Sign Of The Gypsy Queen, Lady Run Lady Hide, Tonite’s A Wonderful Night To Fall In Love and Just Between You and Me and more.

Myles recently won the 2019 and 2020 ECMA Blues Recording of the Year Award for his solo albums, Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues and follow-up, Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues 2.
His new recording project, Long Pants, is to be released this summer. It is a collection of personal songs. The “oldest” new song was written 40 years ago for his daughter Amber on the night she was born, and the “youngest” new song, Will the Last Voice I Hear Be an Angel, was written in the spring of 2021. 
Will the Last Voice I Hear Be an Angel, will be released as a single, with a video, on April 1, 2021.