In 2002 the movie Fubar introduced the world to the character Dean Murdoch, the hard partying rocker. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and 2010 Fubar 2 premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Dean has become a beloved character from coast to coast.
As a performer, Dean Murdoch is everything from a hilarious and energetic event host, to frontman for the hard rocking band Nightseeker. His band is a four-piece Rock Machine with one hand in space, and the other tearing a whole in the universe. Somewhere in between the classic metal sound of Judas Priest, the razor’s edge of ACDC, and the penetrating dark grooves of Black Sabbath. 
Their live shows are legendary, frequently inciting record beer sales and good times that are talked about for months. The band released their first album in 2019, entitled 3069: A Space Rock Sex Odyssey.
They’ve toured Canada countless times since forming in 2011, and take special care to make every show a memorable one.