Whiskey Jack -Stories and Songs of Stompin' Tom

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“Whiskey Jack Presents Stories and Songs of Stompin’ Tom” was born shortly after Stompin’ Tom died in 2014. However, Whiskey Jack started collecting the songs and stories that eventually became part of the show in 1990 when Duncan Fremlin, Whiskey Jack’s leader, toured with Tom for the first time. There were many adventures along the way.

This all Canadian show, an inside view of Stompin’ Tom’s private and public life, can best be described as a personalized look at the man and his music. If the setting allows, it includes a multi-media presentation featuring audio clips and photos from the band’s many years on the road with Tom.

Whiskey Jack has been together since 1977 and have been quite successful releasing a number of albums and having a five-year run as regulars on CBC-TV’s Tommy Hunter Show. They were also featured often on TV specials and CTV’s Alan Thicke Show. In the 1980’s, they were often described as the most televised Canadian country music band in the country.

Many have described Tom as “our national voice”, speaking about the day-to-day struggles that we all go through to survive in this severe climate. This voice was born during Tom’s travels, having criss crossed the country many times by every means imaginable and being befriended by average Canadians across the country. Whiskey Jack witnessed this each night as they backed up Tom on his stage shows. It was truly moving to watch the connection between Tom and his fans.

Tom’s unabashed patriotism is a theme that resonates through his music and his life. These principles would cost him dearly over the years as he turned his back on opportunities to join the Canadian musical establishment, the same people who shunned him and mocked him when he was first starting out. This too plays a major role in our show.  

Our show will feature a mix of Connors’ greatest hits, stories and audio recordings of him during performances. It will also be unique to the communities where we perform. You’ll hear Tom’s voice throughout the show and we guarantee that it will put a smile on your face.